Mobile Health Screening Program (MHSP) 

This program provides free preventative screenings at schools and community events throughout the state. These screenings are free to those being screened; most of the charges for these services are covered by the Foundation and the local Lions Club.

In the 2014-15 school year, the MHSP has screened over 142,000 kids!

Lions Clubs partner with their local community leaders and schedule the unit for special community events. School screenings are generally scheduled during the fall months; they are sponsored and planned by the local Lions Club in cooperation with their local school or school district.

At community events, professionals and volunteers man each station and provide the following free screenings unless noted otherwise: visual acuity, glaucoma, blood pressure, hearing and diabetes (with a 3 hour fast). Walk-ins welcome; no reservations required.

For school screenings, professionals, Lions, and volunteers provide visual or hearing screenings for the students.  

To schedule a school or community screening, or for questions on any of the following scheduled events, please contact Mobile Health Screening Program Manager, Mara Steen.