Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program (LEAP)

OLSHF has developed a new eyeglass assistance initiative under the Lions Eyeglass Assistance Program (LEAP) that will provide qualified individuals with free exams and free eyeglasses. This program can only be accessed through the Lions Clubs.

Who is eligible?
U.S. residents 18 and older living in a household income at 200% or below of the Federal Poverty Level. Click here for more information about services for those under 18 years of age.

Who are the providers?
There are vision professionals participating in several different programs or working with Lions Clubs statewide. 

How can the public access the program?
People in need of assistance must call the Lions in Service line at (971) 270-0203 phone or e-mail their contact information and request to

Lions volunteers will refer the above mentioned calls and e-mails to the appropriate club, who will then provide applicants with an application.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Kindly remember we are accepting thousands of requests statewide and need to coordinate each request with Lion volunteers and partnering providers. Please allow up to two weeks for a Lions Club member to contact you and initiate the application process.