Roar! Hearing Aid Assistance Program

Providing Free Exams and Hearing Aids to All Low Income People in Need

The Roar! Hearing Aid Assistance Program is the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation’s newest program. OLSHF was chosen to be All American Hearing’s exclusive charitable partner. Qualified applicants receive free exams, hearing aids, fittings and warranties through All American Hearing.
For most adults and families, what insurance coverage they have is unlikely to cover the cost of hearing aids. The average cost of a hearing aid is over $2,000, far out of reach for the typical household.
Recognizing the impact of hearing loss on educational and social opportunities, All American Hearing is not placing any limits on the number of people that can be served. Lions Club Sight & Hearing Chair volunteers will assist applicants with the Roar! application, sending the application and proof of income to OLSHF. Once the applicant’s two year residency and their income have been verified, OLSHF will issue a certificate to the Lions Club who will assist the application with appointment scheduling. 

Hearing Aid Bank

The Lions of Oregon provide high quality rebuilt hearing aids to people in Oregon who cannot afford to purchase new aids. Lions clubs all over Oregon collect hearing aids and send them to the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. Lion volunteers sort and count the donated hearing aids and send them to our hearing aid re-builder, where they are placed in a Hearing Aid Bank for future recipients. Lions clubs in Oregon can team up with the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation to sponsor recipients for aids from this bank. The club is asked to cover the cost of the hearing test, the ear impression(s), and the fitting of the aid(s). The Foundation pays the reconditioning fee and provides a six month warranty on the hearing aid(s).

We provide like new hearing aids valued at $2,000 to qualified applicants for only $125!

  • If you would like to donate hearing aids and require a tax deductible receipt, you can mail or drop-off your donation at the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. You will be issued a receipt letter for your tax purposes.

    If no receipt is needed, hearing aids may also be dropped off at most Safeway Store pharmacies or LensCrafters Stores. Click here for other locations in your community.
  • If you need financial assistance with hearing aids, please call the Lions Service Information line at (971) 270-0203 where you can leave a detailed message. You will be referred to your local Lions Club and will be required to complete an application. Services are dependent on club funding.

If you are a Lions Club Member, please go to the Forms and Brochure section.